[Mageia-sysadm] End of the problem on BS

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Mon Jul 4 19:26:07 CEST 2011


we just suffered from a small issue on build system, due to a wrong
package upload. Some packages have failed due to that, but I resubmited

To fix the issue, I have restored the older gnome-keyring package, which
allowed the newer one to be uploaded.

However, we have noticed several point where we could be better :
- the directory holding old rpms is quite a mess, everything on one
level. I think having 1 directory per srpm could help use to restore old

- the tool use to manipulate the mirror are cp and rm. That's error
prone, and quite stressful. I think a tool able to remove together a
complete srpm, and able to restore a old revision would be handy.

- the hdlist generation should be more automated. Right now, we have a
command ( genhdlist ), with specific argument, and needing the path of
the media, 2 times. We also need to do the rsync by hand.  Again, a tool
for that would IMHO be helpful.

- the problem appeared because we have suggest installed in the default
chroot. There is already a bug opened for that. Installing suggest is
taking useless time, and may hide missing deps, so we should fix this.

- we still lake a way to say "build system is broken, we are working on
it". I guess the warning label that mandriva deployed could be adapted.

- finally, rpmlint should have prevented upload. We have enabled the
check on upload, but it seems to be not working. Again, that's something
that should be fix unless we want another problem to appear.

Michael Scherer

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