[Mageia-webteam] Questions about the forum - Part II

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 1 20:08:26 CEST 2011

2011/4/1 Maât <maat-ml at vilarem.net>:
> Le 31/03/2011 19:29, Maarten Vanraes a écrit :
>> Op donderdag 31 maart 2011 13:05:31 schreef Michael Scherer:
>> [...]
>>> I would propose to have a organisation that's as simple as possible.
>> [...]
>>> Ie, that when someone is promoted to become i18n commiters ( see i18n
>>> team organisation ), he then also receive the right on forum in the same
>>> way that this person receive right to commit to svn and to transifex.
>>> This way, we would not have the mess of tracking everything in several
>>> permissions databases, which in turn mean we will have a clearer
>>> documentation and view of the various capabilities of our users.
>>> And this also would help if we decide to vote, as epoll have ldap
>>> integration ( that is quite painful to use at the moment as we need to
>>> give all information again each time ). And this also make sure that
>>> there is no confusion about who decide for what. Ie, the i18n team is
>>> consistently managed.
>> +1
> This would need a patch "as complex as possible" as the forums do not get their group data from ldap (only username and password)
> this would be a very very agressive patch hitting low level code of the board :-/
> And perhaps we don't need every member of a team to be able to have extended privileges on the forum

Hmm, you are mixing Mageia teams with forum groups.

1. As you also state, the relation between LDAP and the forum software
is only for login, nothing more. Groups and privileges are set within
the forum software, it's designed to do just that.

2. I'd keep this as simple as possible. First for the sake of
maintaining, second for the people who are in the groups, and third to
make the "hierarchy" transparent to the users. The more different
groups with different privileges, the more complicated it is for all.

3. Privileges in the forum have to be tied to the task of the
group/user, nothing else.

For simplicity I'd go for

 - Admin group (creating/changing forum structures, creating groups,
maintenance of the forum, making announcements about the forum, etc.)

 - Global moderators = all moderators, where moderating means:
 - - moving/merging/closing threads, editing posts (if necessary
because of forum or legal rules), counseling users (positive and
negative), announcing important things, etc.

 - Special groups who could be additional moderators of one section,
like packagers and translators who are not in Global Moderators but
could be moderators and contacts for the "Packaging and Translating"
section. They have privileges only in this section.

That's all. Simple, transparent, easy to understand and to maintain
and to scale if needed.

We've been working with this setup for years (even before we switched
to phpbb3). Moderators were happy, users knew who to turn to. Admin
was happy :)


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