[Mageia-webteam] Insert mageiaitalia.org among community forums

Matteo Pasotti pasotti.matteo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 18:48:54 CEST 2011

Il 28/06/11 15.57, Wolfgang Bornath ha scritto:
> 2011/6/28 Matteo Pasotti<pasotti.matteo at gmail.com>:
>> Il 26/06/11 16.39, Wolfgang Bornath ha scritto:
>>> 2011/6/26 Marcello Anni<marcello.anni at alice.it>:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> could you add mageiaitalia.org among the italian community forums that
>>>> provide
>>>> support for mageia? thanks
>>> At the same time pls remove the german mandrivauser.de forum, now the
>>> German Mageia forum is in place.
>>> Thx
>> I think it would be great having a forum on mageia.org platform for italian
>> users, too (I don't know the availability).
>> That way we give to the users a greater feeling of community and at the same
>> time we don't have to ask for some kind of "official certification" for
>> other resources that can continue to exist anyway.
>> But that's my opinion, as I can see even french users have they own forum
>> platform (maybe I'm missing some information written into previous emails).
> You have to evaluate this carefully. There are benefits and
> disadvantages on both sides.
> On one side is the benefit of being "inside" the Mageia family. Users
> access is done by LDAP. You (as admin) do not have to care for updates
> or maintenance of the forum software, etc.
> On the other side is the need of a tight structure of the Mageia forum
> software management, you can't just up and change a code line for the
> sake of convenience or add your flavor of smilies on request of your
> users or add some MODs you are used to have, as you would do with a
> standalone forum - this has to be decided and done by the sysadmins /
> forum admins. In short: you are not free to do as you like, you depend
> on the decisions and the workflow of others because your forum is a
> part of a larger system.
I'm still thinking that the advantages you've proposed are more 
important compared to the disadvantages.
I think that people use forums to find solutions, to propose ideas or 
whatever: the appearance is less important compared to the contents, 
IMHO. Moreover, as you suggested, the admin doesn't have to take care of 
the maintenance.
If someone doesn't like the official forums because they are not 
stylish, they can always take a look around and find other places that 
are more aesthetically-performant.

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