[Mageia-dev] Identifying Target Markets

P. Christeas p_christ at hol.gr
Thu Sep 30 23:28:16 CEST 2010

On Thursday 30 September 2010, Michael Scherer wrote:
> Le jeudi 30 septembre 2010 à 22:05 +0800, Kira a écrit :
> > "A distribution for Newbie" is good, but I think what Graham said is
> > better.
> Well,
> saying "a distribution for newbies" is not as good as it sound.
> If you market the distribution so people think "if you are a newbie, use
> this distro", people will think "he use this distribution so he is a
> newbie". ...
> In turn, this mean a diminution of the global expertise in the
> community....

What about the "easy to learn distro" as a concept?

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