[Mageia-dev] GNOME 3.2 or 3.4 for Mageia 2?

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Thu Sep 29 22:16:51 CEST 2011

Olav Vitters skrev 29.9.2011 22:54:
> On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 10:38:18PM +0300, Thomas Backlund wrote:
>> Olav Vitters skrev 29.9.2011 22:22:
>>> On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 09:50:57PM +0300, Thomas Backlund wrote:
>>>> And you can obviously guarantee that the gnome release schedule wont slip...
>>> Guarantee, no, but the combined total number of days delayed over the
>>> last 5 years or so is probably 1 day. The release cycle is *very*
>>> stable.
>> But as you stated its only a "likely" schedule so far,
>> and the https://live.gnome.org/ThreePointThree also states
>> "! Attention: This schedule is still a draft to discuss."
> My question is for the current intended release date of GNOME 3.4. If
> that date is moved, of course the decision will need to be taken again.
> I don't really expect any changes to the date though. And if it changes,
> of course I'll say so here. My intention is to ensure Mageia has the
> latest, but not at all costs.

I understand that, and it's good to try an plan ahead...

> The schedule will be made final within 3 weeks or so btw. Early enough
> to revisit a Mageia 2 decision if the date is moved back.
>> so I'm not conviced so far, and it also means noe even our final RC
>> would have final gnome packages available, wich means a lot of
>> beta/rc testing wont be done on it... meaning not really a "quality
>> release"
>> for Mageia 2.
> Process is the same? Test the betas of GNOME 3.4, file bugs, get them
> fixed and then get new tarballs?

Well, it's not only about testing the gnome packages, it's also about
the integration testing, space on isos, upgrade testing, ...

> The last stable release of GNOME 3.2 is November 23, after that date,
> any bug that Mageia finds in 3.2 will not go into anything other than
> 3.4. So you can do loads of GNOME 3.2 testing, but it only causes a lot
> of extra work trying to get the 3.4 stuff into 3.2?

Well, as 3.2.x is "stabilized", it might not need so much from  3.4x

and that in contrast to 3.4 wich has new features, so new stuff that can 
break, and so on...

> I'm really new to the distribution POV (though've lurked for *many*
> years), so welcome any further insight.

we try to find a sane balance between stable and latest/greatest....

It might get good PR to get latest Gnome 3.4 in Mageia 2,
but if 3.4 turns out to be a "bad release", Mageia takes
the hit, not upstream Gnome.


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