[Mageia-dev] Are you sure? (no confirmation before proceeding to selected packages installation)

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Fri May 4 17:19:26 CEST 2012

2012/5/4 Dimitrios Glentadakis <dglent at gmail.com>:
> Le 4 mai 2012 16:29, "Thomas Backlund" <tmb at mageia.org> a écrit :
>> 04.05.2012 17:27, Thierry Vignaud skrev:
>> > On 4 May 2012 16:19, Felix Miata <mrmazda at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> >> Mageia's installer has the same problem that bothers me in Mandriva.
>> >> The
>> >> type install screen with KDE vs Gnome vs custom has no intermediate
>> >> step
>> >> prior to the start of selected packages installation. Does this bother
>> >> no
>> >> one else?
>> >
>> > Too late to report.
>> > When people will cease to do ala Gael tests aka just before the final?
>> Well, only too late for mga2, but it can get on wishlist for mga3
>> --
>> Thomas
> Another case is when you install in the existing partitions and in the
> partitioning screen you choose the partitions, /, /home, etc, and you have
> checked in the checkbox a partition to be formatted.
> It seems very logical to me that in this step a confirmation is more than
> usefull.
> Before a 2-3 years there was a brainstorm in mandriva and i had proposed the
> usage of confirmation dialogues. I cannot find the link now, but the answers
> that i got was like 'you click on OK so you have to be sure', 'no needed,
> useless feature' etc.
> If there will be a brainstorm in mageia, i would like to try to propose it
> again.

Do you think you will get a different result? Look at Microsoft.
People were so annoyed by all these "Are you sure" popups that
comedians started to refer to these popups in their standup sessions
("Do you really want to use the brake pedal?"). AFAIR there hasn't
been such a popup at the situations you pointed to as long as
Mandrake/Mandriva existed. I haven't heard anybody complaining about
this (until today).
About the selection screens:

For me the first selection screen (KDE - Gnome - Custom) serves the
new user who wants to get on with the installation without any
interactive stuff he would not know how to handle it. So the screen
presents 2 options which will get him a standard system with one
click. Everybody else is surely able to understand the word "Custom"
which opens the door to everything else. The next screen offers a
package selection which allows for installation of whole groups (or
non-installation). This same screen opens the door to the minimal
installation options (if you deselect all package groups). It also
shows the option "Individual package selection".

To me this is a logical procedure (one step following the selection of
the previous step).

Of course Mageia could put something like "Clicking OK will start the
installation" below the KDE and Gnome options or something similar.

About the partitioning:

What exactly do you miss there (you have seen the "expert" button?) ?

IMHO there is nothing missing or at presented at the wrong state of
the installation procedure.


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