[Mageia-dev] cinelerra (war Re: rehashing the faac issue)

PhilippeDidier philippedidier at laposte.net
Wed Oct 31 21:01:19 CET 2012

Christiaan Welvaart a écrit :
> On Wed, 31 Oct 2012, PhilippeDidier wrote:
>> Christiaan Welvaart a écrit :
>>> We are not going to carry faac just for convenience to build
>>> applications locally. Handbrake, another application that supposedly
>>> needs faac, is also GPL licensed so cannot be distributed linked against
>>> faac. Arista in mageia supports encoding AAC without faac.
>>> Audiokonverter appears to use mplayer for encoding so it should be able
>>> to use ffmpeg for AAC. Anything else?
>> You're wrong about audiokonverter :
>> it uses faac to encode into *.aac files
> I don't know what .aac files are (format), will check.
That's compressed audio files (for ipod for instance)
That's also the audiotrack format for MPEG4

>> I proposed the two patches to have it in Mageia:
> Saw that in the bugreport (:
>> About Arista :
>> I tried Arista to create an *.aac file : it complains about missing
>> elements...
>> Could you really create *.aac files ? or did you only read what it is
>> supposed to do.
> I only tried to transcode video with aac audio track, not audio only.
Do you mean transcode video with aac audio track into other format
(that's already allowed, thanks to faad provided by Mageia)
or transcode an existing video (with mp3 audio track for instance) into
video with aac audio track (that is not allowed with Mageia2 whichever
software you use : avidemux, vlc, mencoder, gstreamer, ffmpeg)
>> Arista uses gstreamer... and, in Mageia, gstreamer-plugins in tainted
>> are built without faac, I wonder what is missing on my computer to be
>> able to do what you did !!!
> libavcodec from tainted and gstreamer-ffmpeg/gstreamer-libav
>    - this depends on libvo-aacenc
> + arista 0.9.7-4

So you use cauldron ;)

Mageia2 has arista
I have too libavcodec from tainted, libvo-aaenc, gstreamer-ffmpeg (can't
find any gstreamer-libav on Mageia2)
Is the new built gstreamer on cauldron allowing to create mp4 or aac
files now ?

>> About Cinelerra and Handbrake : everything is GPL licensed except the
>> ISO specification they need to be built ...
>> provided as bundled in hanbrake (reason why it was banned from
>> Mageia-tainted)
>> and required as BuildRequire : faac-devel for cinelerra, preventing to
>> build it for Mageia
>> And Yes absolutely there's a contamination with a non-free source (how
>> the hell an ISO MPEG4 norma could be GPL ?!!!! )
> AFAIK it's code, not the standard itself

>     Christiaan
Perhaps Cauldron provides something now for this aac encoding problem...
that's  good news for Mageia3
but I will have to wait and see : I must use the stable Mageia2 on my
everyday computer... (with some workarounds ;)  ) until Mageia3 appears



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