[Mageia-discuss] [Cooker] Re: Transparency & open invitation to a united foundation..? [Was: forking mandriva]

Maarten Vanraes maarten.vanraes at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 08:27:48 CEST 2010

Op woensdag 22 september 2010 05:24:22 schreef Olav Dahlum:
> Well, I will second to put aside certain differences for the benefit of
> the community and create a stable environment in which we can work.
> I see absolutely no problem with Mageia or Mandriva coexisting, and in
> the process share as much infrastructure as possible to avoid doing it
> all over again.
> If we keep as much as we can of the infrastructure on community hands, I
> think this is feasible to achieve and it will secure the feedback loop
> into Mandriva we've missed from e.g PCLinuxOS. Also, a pure community
> based distribution is a great idea, as we're not always having the same
> goals as Mandriva S.A. Both would benefit from an arrangement like this.
> The community (Mageia) could serve the regular users, taking care of
> more personal needs and release a distro fitting these. And Mandriva
> could concentrate on becoming a direct competitor to Canonical and
> Redhat (possibly Novell or partners if they can work out the financial
> situation) and gain real foothold in the enterprise/SMB market. One of
> the prerequisites for this happen is of course that we acknowledge each
> others existence and collaborate. Meaning, we will all aid in the common
> development of Cooker, but be a completely independent entity from the
> company, making our own (community) decisions. But will still keep the
> good relations between us intact. So let's say Mandriva S.A funds (on of
> the donators, etc) the foundation which creates Mageia and thus securing
> their own interests through keeping the community alive, compensated for
> their contributions (which is very important to remember!). We'll leave
> if the situation is unsatisfactory (remember, we're highly independent
> people) and if a FLOSS project lacks the community it's doomed, so
> keeping us happy is the key to success. All this current pickering
> between former employees and current ones is just stupid and will damage
> both. So I say, let's call for a truce and work together in advocating
> FLOSS software.


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