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Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 10 16:11:01 CET 2010

2010/12/10 Hoyt Duff <hoytduff at gmail.com>:
> That incomplete transfer of information is a flaw in the logo process
> which led to the indictment of the product.as you see in the comments
> because, while they want to participate in the discussion,  they did
> not become fully informed, were not able to understand the process and
> felt excluded as a consequence.

Well, if this is your point of view, then here is mine:

>From whatever perspective and whatever step-in point in time you may see it:

1. There was no "incomplete transfer of information".
2. Nobody was excluded or "not fully informed" unless he missed all
the numerous information on all possible Mageia related places all
over the net. But in this case he should have missed the complete
issue at all.

Wherever you looked at any time during the whole proposal stage you
met a pointer to the guidelines - except if you never looked at the
blog article about the logo process, never looked into the mailing
list discussions, but only read about the logo issue on one single
tweet or on a poorly edited 3rd-party website where they reported
about the logo and gave the upload directions but not the link to the
guidelines. I must admit that I saw such a website myself (in German).
We will never ever be able to avoid such cases, short of answering
every single proposition with a detailed mail, still we can't be sure
that the person in question will read that mail.

About all those comments (BTW: there are more comments in favor of the
decision) - does it occur to you that those who are complaining only
started to care about the whole thing after the show? IMHO these
complaints are the usual wave of complaints which will wash the beach
after each and every decision, no matter how transparent or democratic
the decision finding process was.

One nice example: on our website (mandrivauser.de) we had a pointer to
a competition (writing an article for our magazine), the pointer was
printed in fat red letters and was placed in the header of the forum
page (the most visited part of the whole website) for more than 6
weeks. After the deadline was over and we announced the results there
were people who complained, they would have participated if they only

What I want to say: we do believe that people who are interested in
our project are able to read more than one tweet before they design,
upload and never look back.

If you still insist, may be next occasion you should be appointed to
organize the whole thing and do all that what you think has been
missed this time. This would have 2 benefits: first you will see how
much extra work you are proposing and second you will see that there
will not be one single complaint less than this time.


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