[Mageia-discuss] Petit mousse au rapport !

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 19:07:29 CEST 2011

Hi there,

Since past September (6 months 1/2), what we all have done so far is
already quite amazing!

Among things were defining, building teams and making them work. The
result we can see is these releases and especially the last, beta1. I
can't name everyone - but I really think we can cheer every one of us
who took her fair share of the work to make this happen! Congrats,

Things are not over, far from that. Notwithstanding next beta2, RC and
finale after which a brainstorming Summer awaits us.

To keep it short, here's the point: we do need more hands (and more
than just that). To make things more regular, better, stronger. Not
that those already in these teams do not already do great, but they
could do even better with a slightly larger team, sharing the workload
and tasks.

Looking at the Council composition
(http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=org:council ) you can see holes.

Those I will stress out (because I see them first hand, but that's not
exclusive) are:
 - sysadmin & web teams - these two are crucial to build, manage and
fix the very infrastructure needed for the community to work and
reflect on itself;
 - marketing & communication teams - these will help mesure, design
and shape the messages we send out to the world;
 - artwork - these shape what we do, because their work materializes &
identifies essential parts of the project;
 - QA (being setup as we speak) defines, implements (when auto) and
conducts tests to ensure what we ship is already OK regarding
improving criteria.
 - I am not forgetting other teams, no offense! :-) each needs new,
fresh or experienced hands!

Too, there's special care, respect, patience to be taken by every
team, and every team member, to _advocate_ and _listen_ what and why
doing things in some way and not in an other. Especially as we grow
existing and new teams, as we then need to adapt/change the way we
used to do things sometimes.

Of course, not only posting to this list will be a solution. I could
open a bug on "We need to grow our teams" for that for a record. But I
would certainly better welcome ideas here. :-)



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