[Mageia-discuss] /var/lock/tty on Mageia 3

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Fri Nov 30 20:50:38 CET 2012

Juergen Harms skrev 30.11.2012 19:48:
> I am having problems with utility programs that do serial I/O and use
> locks in /var/lock/tty (and they often require group ownership of this
> directory to be dialout (back in the past it was tty).
> In the past, it was sufficient to create /var/lock/tty after system
> generation. In Mageia 3 /var/lock/tty now disappears at each reboot,
> which breaks the locking facility of these programs (in Mageia 3
> /var/lock/ is a link to /var/run, which in turn links to /run)
> Is this design, a bug, a consequence of the run-dir support that comes
> with Mageia 3? I guess it is the last. What can be done to make these
> programs work again (they run at user level and do not have the
> priviledges to, at run-time, create /var/lock/tty with the correct
> ownership)?

Add a /etc/tmpfiles.d/<app_name>.conf

with the contents:
d /run/tty 0775 root dialout -


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