[Mageia-discuss] [Poll] What are your top requirements?

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 29 16:37:18 CET 2012

2012/1/29 Antoine Pitrou <solipsis at pitrou.net>:
> Well this is becoming quite sterile. I don't know how you can claim to
> represent (let alone "decide") "how [we] users function" better than
> anybody else. Unless you are the only user, of course :-)
You are able to read your own sentences? And you do understand them?

After all it was you who claimed to know, how others function, not me,
I cite you:
"Well, what I'm saying is that "top requirements" is not how I function,
and I don't think it's how most users function either."

So read your own mail, before answering, will you?

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