[Mageia-discuss] One Beta more install story

Juergen Harms Juergen.Harms at unige.ch
Sat Feb 25 21:43:47 CET 2012

Re the udisk problem

I see a little bit clearer: it looks as if udisk2

- does not work when I chroot (as it happens) from a Mageia 1 system 
into cauldron (beta1)

- does work flawlessly when I boot into the cauldron system; but this 
cauldron system is really a minimum system, no desktop, no gtk (I want 
to use it to clarify a BuildRequires problem): it only gives me a 
command-line console, chroot would be much more comfortable (having 
filesystems mounted on both systems and having all the comfort of guis 
for editing and consulting documents on the base system).

I guess (can somebody confirm, please), that it must be possible to do 
unrestricted urpmi with chroot (both DVD and remote repositories) and 
that this is probably a plain bug: udisk2 does not work with chroot. I 
had done a first try (before I came to this clear working hypothesis) 
and had installed - udisk (udisk2? I do not remember) - to no avail. But 
that had, trying what-if stuff, gone a little out of hand, and I now 
started on a new minimum system.

I just tried to do a chroot into my old Mageia 1 Alpha file-system - 
which is a full install, with desktop and all and which runs OK: same 
udisk error message there, hence probably not a problem specific to 
minimum installs.

All this is quite time-consuming, booting all over the place, remaking 
systems, I am a little bit frustrated. But, before crying "bug" I should 
still repeat the entire thing once more.

How does this relate to bugzilla #4645 - do you want to have this 
discussion there?


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