[Mageia-discuss] beta2 woes and no graphical root (tonyb)

Kevin Bulgrien kbulgrien at att.net
Thu Apr 12 06:18:04 CEST 2012

>[root at localhost ~]# LetMeLoginToXasRoot
>bash: LetMeLoginToXasRoot: command not found
>[root at localhost ~]# vi LetMeLoginToXasRoot
>{clickity click, clackity clack :wq}
>[root at localhost ~]# cat LetMeLoginToXasRoot
>echo "So you want to be naughty?...OK ;o)"
>sed -i 's/user != root//' /etc/pam.d/kdm
>sed -i 's/AllowRootLogin=false/AllowRootLogin=true/'\
> /var/lib/mageia/kde4-profiles/Default/share/config/kdm/kdmrc
>echo "Enter: service dm restart"
>echo "Then have a lot of fun!"
>exit 0
>[root at localhost ~]# chmod 744 LetMeLoginToXasRoot
>[root at localhost ~]# ./LetMeLoginToXasRoot
>So you want to be naughty?...OK ;o)
>Enter: service dm restart
>Then have a lot of fun!
>[root at localhost opt]# service dm restart
>[root at localhost opt]# GetMeABeer
>bash: GetMeABeer: command not found
>[root at localhost opt]# sudo GetMeABeer
>sudo: GetMeABeer: get your own #!@$ Beer!
>"Unix was not designed to stop its users from doing stupid things,
>as that would also stop them from doing clever things." - Doug Gwyn

Awesome on so many levels...


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