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Jakob Gezelius jakob at knugen.nu
Thu Dec 1 18:46:27 CET 2011

It worked fine to log in to transifex.mageia.org i will read the links you
gave me and then start translating.

2011/12/1 Rémi Verschelde <remi at verschelde.fr>

> 2011/12/1 Jakob Gezelius <jakob at knugen.nu>:
> > Hi!
> > I want to help to translate Mageia to Swedish. My name is Jakob Gezelius
> and
> > my user name is Androidnisse. I've followed the guidlines on the wiki but
> > there is no Swedish translation group. So i wonder how do I start one and
> > start translating?
> > Dear regards Jakob
> Hi Jakob, and welcome to the i18n team.
> It's great that you join us, since we didn't have a Swedish
> translation team, as you saw on the wiki. You were right to add
> yourself there.
> I added your Mageia account to the mga-i18n group: it will enable you
> to log into transifex.mageia.org, which is the web-based tool that we
> use for string translation. Could you try to log there once? Then I
> can add you to the Swedish translation team (see here:
> https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Short_guide_to_transifex ), and you will be
> able to start the real work.
> As you can see here:
> https://transifex.mageia.org/projects/p/mageia_i18n/r/mga2/ only 14%
> of the strings of the software specific to Mageia are translated in
> Swedish for Mageia 2. Though, most of those tools come from Mandriva
> where most of them were translated, so the first step is:
> - Have a look at this page to know which .po files were already
> imported to Transifex (short Tx), namely the project which are mostly
> translated.
> - Use this wiki page
> https://wiki.mageia.org/en/List_of_Mageia_transifex_projects to find
> on our SVN the sv.po files for the other softwares. There are a few
> projects which are partly translated on Tx (like 20% or so), you
> should check if the .po files which are on the SVN do not contain more
> translated strings (maybe Umeaboy, who seems not to be active now,
> started translating from 0 while there were already .po files he could
> have used).
> - Import those .po files to Tx under the right project name (see the
> page linked above for a correspondance).
> - Then you can start the strings which were modified after the fork,
> mostly strings in which "Mageia" replaced "Mandriva" or new/fixed
> strings added by the developers.
> If one of the point is not clear enough, feel free to ask for more details.
> You can have a look here for a short guide to Tx:
> https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Short_guide_to_transifex
> Regards,
> Rémi / Akien
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