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Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Tue Apr 3 10:18:25 CEST 2012

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On 03/17/2012 06:29 PM, Patricia Fraser wrote:
> Hi Bradley,
> Hopefully you're feeling completely recovered!

Thank you so much for your well wishes Trish :) Thanks to Sebastian and
others too who expressed empathy. The major invasive stuff is completed,
and I don't think I have to endure anymore grinding.

I have an appt tomorrow LOL, so we'll see, but certainly nothing like
what I went through the last time. The cutting is done, now for the
paste, so to speak :)

But I digress. Getting back on topic.

I've been reading, lurking, flagging, and compiling sites to include on
the wiki in the meantime.

The level of noise on the list as such that no sooner did I turn around
then we had about fifty new posts on the copy for the install screens on
the list here, and it fatigued me, having to ask myself why people
either weren't paying attention to what had transpired or consulted the
archives, as rda correctly requested that people do in the future.

Oh, how many pages of install screens do we have? (Joking, of course). I
found that funny because there were no less than four times that
question was asked by different folks lol ;)

>> There's a few contact points I can add to the notification list. I'll
>> dig those up over the next couple of weeks, and Trish, if you can
>> shoot me on over any scraps of dangling release announcement copy to
>> add to my scratch pad that would be nice to have as a reference too.

Quoting myself here, but before I put up any of these on the wiki I need
some clarification/direction on the matter.

We have a budget. And some of these sites are not free (Nor should we
expect them to be). Some of the sites have *some* free services, and
some are actually free.

Each has varying targets.

We spent around $2500.00 on stickers and such, so I can't imagine that
an allocation of say, ten percent of that would be asking too much to
earmark for MarCom's budget in this regard.

I need to hear back whether we're going to have this support and that
there is a potential to release this *neccessary* funding for us.

If we can spend ten times this amount of stickers and t-shirts, then I
believe it is prudent to allocate the pittance I'm asking for to reach
millions in the mainstream - not just a few hundred or so at a couple of

> I don't have any copy, alas, but we need to get three general things
> started:
> 1. the Mageia blog post for release
> 2. a generic release announcement/press release for distribution
> 3. interviews with people who use Mageia, and/or solicited reviews -
> for these, we need to get together a list of the kinds of questions
> people would like answers to.

Okay Trish has hit the nail on the head with respect to the priorities
we should be focusing on above. Let's move off the infinite loop of the
install screens now that it's a dead issue for the time being and take
up the reigns of the tasks above that Trish has laid out for us :)

wrt 1.) I think perhaps a good way to start is to get from Anne, an
example of an announcement that she, as our spokesperson, might issue.

We can nip in the butt any possibility that we'll be caught off guard
again and embarrassed, by taking this proposed sample statement that she
envisions releasing, fixing it, and then, as her teleprompter returning
it as the statement we actually ARE going to issue.

2.) This I've addressed above. I want to know what our budget is going
to be, and zero is not acceptable considering the monies spent on
schwag, that I pointed out above (Nothing wrong with scwhag, but I don't
recall that marketing expense ever coming through our team for approval,
nod, consensus, etc.).

3.) Very good milestone to achieve. How might we "solicit reviews", and
what are many of the questions we're seeing on the forums that we can
draw from for this, aside from...

"What sets Mageia apart from other major Linux distros?" That's question
number one IMO :)

Kindest regards,

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