[Mageia-webteam] Domain Squatters

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Fri Nov 12 18:11:51 CET 2010

Wayne Sallee a écrit :
> With Mageia being so hard to spell, I expect there will be some major 
> abuse by domain squatters. Maybe Mageia should pick up a few domain 
> names redirecting to Mageia.
> Wayne Sallee

Hard to spell ?
If you pronounce it phonetiquement (in English) ...
ma-ge-i-a slowly
(soft g like the second g in garage, e as in pen, i as in media)
Then pronounce it gradually faster, until you reach a normal speed.
Try it.
Then try to mispell Mageia. :)
(Works the same in French, and probably most other European languages.)

- André

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