[Mageia-dev] Mageia repository sections, licenses, restrictions, firmware etc

Buchan Milne bgmilne at multilinks.com
Wed Oct 13 10:19:17 CEST 2010

On Tuesday, 12 October 2010 17:52:58 Tux99 wrote:
> Quote: marc wrote on Tue, 12 October 2010 18:42
> > Unfortunately, if this is done, I will no longer be able to install
> > legally any Mageia due to our laws. I think it is best if these are not
> > 
> > installed but let users know where to get them, mostly through PLF.
> How do you expect Mageia to verify each single package to make sure it
> complies with the laws in ALL countries of the world?

So, because we can't comply with all laws in all coutnries, we should violate 
everyone we possibly can?

> Mageia should make sure that the packages comply with French law, but
> that's it.

If Mageia wants mirrors in countries with strong IP protection laws (including 
copyright, software patent) and anti-circumvention laws, then IMHO, there does 
need to be a split, so mirror maintainers can decide which risks they can 

For example, in the DMCA case, I believe US mirrors hosting libdvdcss could be 

> You can still install Mageia and then remove the packages that are
> problematic in your country, I very much doubt your laws are that
> draconian that you can't even do that.
> Mageia could include an option during install to exclude the well-known
> problematic packages from installation to make this easier for people that
> live in countries with restrictive laws.
> > When I install Mandriva Free for people, I will let them know where the
> > 
> > PLF repos are and the files needed and they install these themselves.
> This is a major hassle for new/inexperienced users and IMHO should be
> avoided.

Maybe it can be improved *to some extent*, by asking the user if they want to 
add additional repositories.

> > If Mageia packages include unlicensed software and codecs, the Mageia
> > brand may be held legally responsible for marketing software in
> > countries where the laws do not permit this.
> This is nonsense, Mageia can only be held responsible in France based on
> French law (as long as Mageia isn't planning subsidiaries in outher
> countries, which IMHO is unlikely and completely unnecessary for a
> non-profit association).

Anssi discussed various reasons packages aren't in Main or Contrib in 
Mandriva, and you devolve this discussion to be purely about software patents. 
However, the issues are:

-non-free software for which we have no re-distribution license (e.g. Flash, 
we may be able to request a license, but most likely it would not allow Mageia 
to distribute a distribution license to 3rd parties - specifically mirrors).

-free software which violates anti-circumvention or other copyright protection 
laws (e.g. libdvdcss, libaacs, libbdplus etc.)

-free software which infringes software patents

Let's discuss the first two issues as well, as they can't be dismissed, and 
put real risk to anyone distributing the software (magazines, mirrors, sites 
selling DVDs)


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