[Mageia-dev] Please test: initscripts+systemd in updates_testing

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Tue Nov 1 13:24:09 CET 2011

Le mardi 01 novembre 2011 à 12:54 +0100, Johnny A. Solbu a écrit :
> On Monday 31 October 2011 18:17, Michael Scherer wrote:
> > > So why merge / and /usr and kill a usable feature?
> > What is the usable feature ?
> I can ask you the same thing: What is the usable feature of merging the two? What benefit do I get as a result?

I suggest to re-read the other mails of the thread, especially the one
where I give this url :


( PS: please try to not insult others with saying thing like "most
stupid thing ever performed" ).
Michael Scherer

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