[Mageia-dev] Non-free firmwares in installer

Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Sun Mar 27 17:42:13 CEST 2011

Quote: Wolfgang Bornath wrote on Sun, 27 March 2011 17:11

> Do you really think it will help to find a consent calling people who
> do not share your opinion "ultra-orthodox software fanatics"? 

Why? An 'orthodox' is a person who follows his beliefs very very strictly,
'fanatic' has a similar meaning (yeah I know those two words are sort of
redundant but I just wanted to express how extreme the view appears).

There is no negative connotation, in fact most 'fans' (=fanatics) or people
with 'orthodox' beliefs are proud of it.

Ultimately it was just a way of expressing how extreme I consider the idea
that  free and non-free software on the same physical media would be
unacceptable to them, even if the installation procedure clearly asks the
user whether to install the non-free software or not.

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