[Mageia-dev] bug 2317 revisited: --update option should behave like --search-media

AL13N alien at rmail.be
Fri Jun 22 12:53:56 CEST 2012

> AL13N skrev 21.6.2012 21:09:
>> Op donderdag 21 juni 2012 19:01:51 schreef Claire Robinson:
>>>> since QA is waiting for a fix for this for a long time (pre-mga1), we
>>>> should get this fixed asap.
>>>> PS: since we're enabling backports, we should make sure that the
>>>> update
>>>> validation process would have one of both required tests for
>>>> validation
>>>> with backports enabled and the other disabled.
>> [...]
>>> It is doubled now because we have two releases and most updates include
>>> both. It will be effectively quadrupled with this plan and that would
>>> be
>>> unsustainable. We just don't have the manpower or enough hours in a
>>> day,
>>> we are struggling to cope as it is.
>> [...]
>> actually, it doesn't need to be.
>> you already test twice before validating updates, right?
>> so, there's 2 options:
>> - testing i586 with backports enabled
>> - testing x86_64 without backports enabled
>> this is still 2 tests, and this is sufficient.
> NO.
> First of all, _anything_ heading for updates that is not noarch needs
> to be validated on both arches.
> Secondly, when QA validate stuff for /updates, they dont need
> to test _anything_ against backports as /updates is _only_ used to
> fix stuff in /release & /updates.
> If something in backports breaks as a result of something going to
> /updates, that's a separate bug against backported package and will
> be handled after.
> Remember that /updates is priority 1, and /backports is handled
> as QA time permits at lower priority.

I do agree with you here, except that i'm trying to prevent this from
happening, because it's not something that can be easily fixed.

1. package A is backported into X
1b. package A-foo is backported into X-foo (subpackage)
2. package B is updated into Y at a later date
3. package update Y has a new dependency A-foo
4. person has X installed; but didn't install X-foo.
5. person updates B into Y

result is that Y pulls in as new dependency A-foo

but X conflicts with A-foo

so the update does not happen, and you get an ugly error.

my point is that:
1. since it's a new dependency, we can't know before we backport A that it
would be used as a new dependency for an update. because the update isn't
there yet, so we don't know beforehand.
2. more importantly, i don't see anyway to get this fixed without the user
manually fiddling with things (downgrading back to unbackported package;
or manually installing X-foo;)

Maybe i'm looking too far ahead, but unless i'm missing an obvious way to
cleanly fix this at the time of the update, this is still something we
should avoid.

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