[Mageia-dev] Remove upgrade functionnality in installer

Anne nicolas ennael at mageia.org
Sun Jun 24 22:47:00 CEST 2012

2012/6/24 David Walser <luigiwalser at yahoo.com>:
> Johnny A. Solbu wrote:
>> On Saturday 23 June 2012 15:21, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
>>> The issue with the upgrade function at
>>> the end of the installer is: "it is not working properly even if a
>>> functioning network is available".
>> In all the years I have been running Mandrake, Mandriva and now Mageia, the upgrade packages function in the installer has not worked once
> for me, that I can remember. So I always skip it.
>> I believe many others do the same.
> Is that what the "feature request" is talking about?  If so, it's totally not clear.  It sounded to me like it was talking about the ability
> for the installer to upgrade an existing system.  If it's just talking about that "install updates" thing at the end of the installation,
> that's never worked for me either in the few times I've tried it.  It's also pretty unnecessary for me since I usually install from HDD or net,
> which uses updates in the first place.

Indeed  I'm not speaking about updating packages at the end of the
installation but using a DVD to upgrade an already installed system


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