[Mageia-discuss] Why Mageia isn't a "Lion Friendly" distribution?

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Mon Dec 5 18:28:59 CET 2011

Buy a MacOSX if you want one, and say "bye" to your freedom.
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On 12/05/2011 05:57 AM, Luiz Alberto Saba wrote:
> I think that it will be a good thing for mageia (nowadays almost
> everyone has some apple device at home (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac...))
> Comments?

<Looks around the house....>  Nope, don't see any Apple equipment of any
kind around here.... :-)

(Side-note to a completely different person than I'm replying to here -
Yes, David, I've joined this list to see what all is going on with this
distribution. <grin>)


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