[Mageia-discuss] Handbooks - the lot

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 11 12:14:57 CET 2012

2012/3/11 Luc Menut <lmenut at free.fr>:
> Le 10/03/2012 23:49, Oliver Burger a écrit :
>> Am 10.03.2012 23:46, schrieb Juan Luis Baptiste:
> [...]
>>> Right now, the splitting of the handbook packages will use the same
>>> bandwidth as before. As Anssi said, before the handbooks came bundled
>>> with the owner package, so they were also being installed. So
>>> bandwidth wise, is still the same as before the splitting.
>> I haven't looked into it, but perhaps we could install those handbooks
>> as Suggests instead of Requires (or is it already done that way?).
>> Then people wanting to save bandwidth could just install using
>> "--no-suggests".
> I don't agree. Handbooks are fully part of a kde install; they should be
> installed, and shouldn't be removed. A kde install without handbooks is a
> damaged kde install. Do you think that the kde doc team will continue to
> work on handbooks if each distrib don't install its work?
> That's why, personally I think the exact opposite; each component should
> *requires* its handbook (but probably it won't work with LiveCD).

I don't agree. You seem to first take for granted that a user of the
KDE desktop also uses all the applications and second you mistake
"good to have" for "must have". I'm using KDE but only few KDE
applications - so why do I need a handbook for kppp or knode or kmail
when I don't even install these applications? I would happily
de-install such handbooks as I regularly unmark grub-doc and similar
packages from installation.

In your previous reply to Juergen you also showed that you
misunderstood his wish for Mageia documentation. It is good and
important that documentation is available if needed. But it must not
be forced on those who don't want/need it.

I may add that I have been involved in documentation writing and
translating for almost 7 years. But I never thought that users must
use it if they don't need it.


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