[Mageia-i18n] First post to the list - A Suggestion

Lombard Marianne marianne at tuxette.fr
Sat Sep 25 19:03:16 CEST 2010

Le 25/09/2010 18:51, atilla ontas a écrit :
> Hi there! I' m Turkish translator of Mandriva Linux and deeply
> involved in Mageia if you don't know me already. From my point of view
> we, translation teams should use Launchpad to increase translations
> and make users easly involved in translations. Especially i have
> friends those can contribute Turkish translations but if they can use
> a web interface. Otherwise i' m alone in Turkish translation overload.
> and it is not a good thing to giveaway another two years to translate
> thousends of strings. What do you think?
Hi everybody,

I'm one of the french translator and wan't to involve in mageia.
Perhaps can we look Transifex ? I think it is what it was used by
mandriva and by several project (like XFCE).
I'm not sure that using launchpad is a good idea. It's a canonical
technology, even if they have released it a few years ago. And I didn't
know any distro project (except ubuntu) who is using it.

My 2 cents

PS : I'm very happy to see how many people have register themselves to
participate to mageia

Marianne (Jehane) Lombard
Mandriva User - Mageia french translation team Inside every fat girl,
there is a thin girl waiting to get out (and a lot of chocolate) - Terry

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