[Mageia-marketing] marcom + artwork + web => atelier ?

Marcello marcello.anni at alice.it
Mon Jun 18 14:46:47 CEST 2012

Il 09/06/2012 18:27, Romain d'Alverny ha scritto:
> Hi everyone, (xposted on -marketing, -artwork and -webteam; if
> possible, please follow-up in -marketing)
> So here's the plan (actually, that's a suggestion of a plan):
>   - we make a new team; which role is to think, design, produce and
> maintain the identity of the project and its declinations in messages,
> graphics, Web and print [1];
>   - this team is named "atelier";
>   - a new mailing-list is open for that;
>   - it practically merges responsibilities from artwork, web and marcom teams;
>   - it integrates roles as diverse as: design, marketing, graphic
> research and production, copy writing, web design, integration and
> development, curation, etc.
>   - existing web, marcom and artwork lists are kept for archive, but
> locked down and all subscribers are unsubscribed;
>   - will have a say in whatever happens in this team, only those making
> and contributing things (so here, actionable designs, working code,
> graphics or copy, etc.); opinions and feedback from others still
> welcome, but not enough to move forward;
>   - external contributions are a true option; that is, one team peer
> getting in touch/inviting a professional person to propose and work on
> a specific, focused topic, from overall project identity design, down
> to a specific production. It only needs to be stated within the team
> first so that everyone is in sync;
>   - formatting our resources so that one-shot contributions from
> external people are made easier is a true option too (that means
> things easier to grasp, understand and update);
>   - no more meeting, we plan and do things, and update everyone through
> the mailing-list (or other, but asynchronous); so being on IRC is not
> a must, just good to have;
>   - no more than 10 hours a week on Mageia.
> Questions:
>   - who's going to lead this?
>   - what's the plan up to Mageia 3? several things at least in several
> regards (identity, print, web, distribution), but that will highly
> depend on who lead(s) the team.
> [1] ideally, everything that's the public face of Mageia.Org, the
> Mageia distribution and the Mageia project should go through this
> team; that does not mean that things will not be flexible, but if
> there's one place to discuss, document and synchronize all this work,
> it's here. That, in turn, requires some responsiveness and initiative
> from the team members.
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ok for this, but for marketing team what is needed is not a new ml, but 
real marketing objectives and people dedicated to them. what should do a 
marketing team is not (at least, only) writing blog post announces and 
things like that, but planning:

- marketing-plan
- balanced scorecard

in plus, we need people from dev and artwork that follow our suggestions 
and our plans (naturally, the plans should be agreed also by them). i 
can help in these areas of long-term view, i cannot follow tasks that 
should be done in a day. the paucity of linux is proper in the missing 
of a long-term view, where all the aspects of the project are taken in 
considerations and priorities are set and done.

Bugzilla 4 is a perfect example of what should do a marketing team 
(atelier, if you prefer) for real. Bugzilla would help qa team work, 
would improve the overall quality of the distro and would allow to 
manage bugs that affect different versions, but instead of porting it, 
we're at mageia 3 specs... useless


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