[Mageia-webteam] Suggestion: poster/folder - quick guide install Mageia 1 LiveCD KDE

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Wed Jun 1 17:17:03 CEST 2011


Congratulations team Mageia.
I installed Mageia 1 in VirtualBox  and everything went well.

Now I will install on the HD.

I sending links to a suggestion of a poster/folder with a "quick guide" to
installing a Mageia 1, KDE LiveCD.

The text is in english (but needs fixing) and the images are in english (I
did an installation of a Mageia 1 in english).

Link to file of poster withOUT filter:

Link to file of poster with filter:

Link to file of poster svg format:

The suggestion is that this poster is only the introduction of a longer text
with more detailed explanations in Mageia wiki, as I did in MandrivaBrasil
, and as I'm doing on the wiki <goog_337853588>

I am also suggesting a slogan for Mageia (at the end of the poster):

"User-Community Mageia"
"Expanding the freedom of choice. "

"Expanding the freedom of choice ""

Note 1: I edited this image in the distribuition Mageia 1 RC , and I used
the software KSnapshot, Gimp and Inkscape.

Note 1: I exported  In Inkscape 2 imagens  in PNG, one without fiilter and
other I applied 2 filters in images:

a) first, I applied the filter "black outline" (toolbar: filter/ABCs/black
outline), which makes the edge of images and;

b) after, over the filter "black outline", I applied the filter "combined
lighting" (toolbar: filter/bevels/combined lighting).

c) the "text frame" were only applied the filter "combind lighting".

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